How to Handle the Year of the Fire Rooster

According to the Chinese calendar, January 28, 2017—February 15, 2018 marks the Year of the Fire Rooster. Associated with strength, courage and commitment, the rooster is especially powerful in its fire element this year. In Chinese astrology, this translates into a year of new opportunities and fast-moving change.

To celebrate, clean, declutter and hang red lanterns (traditional decorations for Chinese New Year). Many people believe that incorporating roosters and other fortunate symbols into the home will bring luck, health and happiness. According to the principles of feng shui, this is the best time of year to bring the energy of your home into balance.


Roosters: Fostering Courage & Commitment

The rooster is a reminder to wake up to our full potential, to be alert for new opportunities and to lead our lives by our core values. Roosters are also protective symbols, believed to safeguard a home. To make the most of their symbolism, decorate an entryway with rooster art, or position a rooster-painted cabinet near your door.



instagramlanernsshowroomLanterns: Welcoming The New Year

Chinese New Year celebrations last for about two weeks and culminate in the Lantern Festival, also known as Little New Year. Streets are decorated with red lanterns, and families hang lanterns in and outside of the home, a tradition that dates back to ancient times.





redenvelopeCoins: Ushering In Good Fortune

There’s no better time of year to set intentions for health and wealth. During Chinese New Year, people give each other coins as good luck charms, and family members give one another red envelopes filled with money as a way to start the year off on the right foot.





bwWater: Bringing Balance

Many feng shui masters advise that a fire year brings waves of change, which can be challenging. To counter the effects of fire energy, incorporate water into the home. Blue and white, symbols of water, bring peace, while aquatic symbols like fish remind us to go with the flow.


Red & Gold: Prepping for Prosperity

Decorate the house in red and gold to promote happiness and prosperity. You can hang traditional Chinese streamers, paper cutouts and garlands, or go for a more subtle approach. Outfit your living room with a red cabinet and bronze hardware, or invest in a red-and-gold artwork for the walls.





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