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Fashion & Art: A Common Spirit

We love how the disciplines of art, architecture, music, and fashion overlap and influence one another. When we saw the first work in Cleveland Dean’s Cloth° series, it was a literal bright spot in a long, difficult year. Collectively, we are all seeking vibrancy. 

Now, we’re witnessing this on a global scale as we look ahead to the Fall/Winter 2021-2022. Here are our favorite moments from Milan Fashion Week — and where we see these ideas similarly expressed in works by Cleveland Dean.

Primary Colors

Saturated, technicolor bolds make a bright appearance, as we reemerge from a trying period. Color in fashion and art lift the spirit. Bold color and sumptuous finishes define Cloth°. It was inspiring seeing this unabashed confidence on the runway.

Kenzo Fall 2021   —   I was Dean by Cleveland Dean, 31″ x 30″


Sacai Fall 2021   —   I was Haddon by Cleveland Dean, 31″ x 45.5″


Metallics are magical, facilitating light to dance across a surface. In fashion and in contemporary art now, gleaming finishes are shining the brightest.

Dolce & Gabbana Fall 2021   —   I was Arthur by Cleveland Dean, 16″ x 19.5″


Noir Kei Ninomiya Fall 2021   —   I was Wabansia by Cleveland Dean, 22″ x 49″


In fashion, as in art, statements are made in scale. Exaggerated, more-is-more armor-like garments are happening right now. “I was Monticello” by Cleveland Dean gives you the great look, without you having to actually wear it!

Marc Jacobs Fall 2021   —   I was Monticello by Cleveland Dean, 43.5″ x 64″


Prada Fall 2021   —   I was Cornell by Cleveland Dean, W: 32″ x 60″


Cloth° accentuates the elegant flow of beautiful fabrics. The sculptural works are fluid and organic — reminiscent of a garment falling to the floor, an ephemeral moment captured in static form. 

Melitta Baumeister Fall 2021   —   I was Ashland by Cleveland Dean, W: 15.5″ x 26″


The Cloth° series continues to speak to us in new ways every day. Each piece brings pop to a space; and the drive behind the work echoes throughout the art of current fashion in exciting, energizing ways.

Hero Image: Prada Fall 2021 Fashion Show. Images courtesy of


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