Seated Amitayus Buddha Figure

Mid-20th Century
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W: 5.0" D: 3.75" H: 7.25"
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Seated in diamond position with perfect composure, this golden figure depicts Amitayus, the bodhisattva appearance of Amitabha Buddha, the Buddha of Infinite Light. Dressed in all the trappings of a celestial deity, this brass Amitayus figure was cast in a traditional style seen in Tibetan, Mongolian, and northern Chinese statuary. The only celestial Buddha to earn his place through karmic effort, Amitayus represents longevity, discernment, and the transformation from greed to discriminating wisdom.

Amitayus is depicted here seated upon a single lotus plinth, draped in jeweled adornments and wearing a five point crown. He holds both hands in his lap in the dhyana mudra, the Gesture of Meditation, symbolizing a state of perfect tranquility and inner balance. In his open palms he holds a vase of long life, known as a tse-bum, said to contain the nectar of immortality. A beautiful example of Buddhist statuary, this storied sculpture graces its surroundings with blessings of calm and longevity.

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