Petite Amitāyus Buddha Charm

c. 1850
W: 1.25" D: 0.25" H: 2.0"
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This petite brass prayer figure is cast in the likeness of Amitāyus, the bodhisattva appearance of Amitābha, the Buddha of Eternal Life. The only celestial Buddha to earn his place through karmic effort, Amitāyus represents compassion and wisdom. In this charm, Amitāyus is seated on a lotus throne with hands held in the dhyana mudra, the Gesture of Absolute Balance. In his open palms he holds a vase of long life, known as a tse-bum, said to contain the nectar of immortality. He wears an elaborate crown and is draped in flowing robes and jewelry. Placed upon an altar table or set within a shrine, the figure provided a focal point for prayer and guided meditation.

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