"CARINA NEBULA" by Jan Pieter Fokkens

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W: 85.0" D: 1.25" H: 41.0"
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Chicago-based artist Jan Pieter Fokkens uses his work as a means of processing the incomprehensible. Navigating the relationship between algorithmic abstraction and the tangible qualities of pattern and color, Fokkens meditates on how reality is mediated by digital image.

Entitled "CARINA NEBULA," this work offers a representation of the NGC-3372 nebula, located 8,500 light-years from Earth within the Carina-Sagittarius Arm. Also known as the Grand Nebula, the Carina Nebula spans over 300 light-years and is one of our galaxy’s largest star forming regions. Using an image taken by the NASA/ESA Hubble Space Telescope, Fokkens extracts the average color of each coordinate and marks the point as a small cross upon canvas. The result is a reductionist account of an unimaginable sight.

Framed. Pigment ink on canvas.

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