Oxblood Ginger Jar

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H: 10.75" Dia: 9.0"
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This tapered, ovoid ginger jar harkens back to the Song Dynasty (960 to 1279 AD) when artisans perfected the art of monochrome glazes. The vase's deep, rich red glaze is often called "sang-de-boeuf" or "oxblood" in the West. Creating this particular glaze, which was notoriously difficult to achieve, was lost for centuries but revived in the 18th century, when the imperial court commissioned potters to recover the technique. The wine-red glaze has a beautiful mottled appearance, speckled with flecks of dark red and contrasted by lilac and white undertones.

Some blistering of glaze at the base.

Additional Dimensions:
Diameter of Opening: 2.5"

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Mick de Giulio | de Giulio kitchen design

“I love working with PAGODA RED. When I’m looking for something distinctive for one of my clients, I can be sure I’ll find it there. Betsy has an incredible eye for the beautiful and unique and she continues to offer one of the best collections of Chinese furniture and decorative art.”

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