Fine Pearwood Altar Table

c. 1850
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W: 94.75" D: 14.75" H: 38.5"
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In households throughout China, long tables with everted ends were commonly placed against the back wall of the main room as an altar where ancestral tablets, Buddhist or Daoist iconography, and ceremonial offerings were placed.

This fine altar table dates to the mid-19th century and is expertly crafted of pearwood with traditional mortise-and-tenon joinery, without the use of nails or screws. The long table has a solid plank top with spiral-form everted ends, shaped to resemble swirling clouds or furled up scrolls. The table stands on straight, recessed legs topped by ornate spandrels with a geometric lattice design. The inset leg panels have a pierced design of diamonds and ruyi, Daoist symbols of immortality and good fortune.

Pieced repairs to the plank top add incredible character and hint at the table's many past lives. A step beyond restoration, the inlaid repairs decorate the top with auspicious motifs, including clouds, ripe peaches, and vases with flowers. The warm coloring of the wood is tempered by a thin layer of dark lacquer, now gently faded from years of use for a smooth, patinated finish.

Additional Dimensions:
Table Apron to Floor: 32.5"H

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