"I was Dean" by Cleveland Dean

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W: 31.0" D: 9.0" H: 30.0"
Acrylic on Canvas
Mixed Materials
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Her dress cascaded to the floor. A 1,200 thread count sheet clings to her curvature like desire spills from the lip she is currently biting. Inspired by lust and fueled by personal progression expressed in the abstract…this is…Cloth°.

The newest body of work by Chicago-based visual artist Cleveland Dean, Cloth° is a limited series of sculpture paintings constructed of shaped canvas. Taking cues from the sculpting technique known as wet drapery, Cloth° explores the ideal that we as individuals are all cut from a different cloth. We each have our own thoughts, notions, behaviors and actions. Our personal style, our morals and beliefs, our egos, our insecurities, and, ultimately, our identities are perpetually on display. We wear our lives like a garment.

Titled after Chicago street names, each sculpture in the Cloth° series harkens back to a specific time and place in the artist's life. These memories of the past take shape in abstracted forms, simultaneously looking forward into the future.

Acrylic, aerosol paint, foam, and resin on canvas.

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