Red Raku Stone Table

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W: 34.5" D: 21.5" H: 15.25"
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This small stone top table exemplifies Organic Modern style with an emphasis on natural materials. The organic shape and sporadic patterning of the stone slab top calls to mind the irregular beauty of raku ware. A type of Japanese pottery best known for tea ceremony ware, raku pottery is created by manipulating the firing and cooling conditions to achieve unpredictable surface patterns and intense colors. Rivulets of red, yellow and black color seem to flow across the contoured surface, contrasting the surrounding white marble.

Unearthed in Jiangsu province, the stone slab has been polished to preserve its a curved, undulating top surface and is elevated by a reclaimed wood two-leg base for use as a low coffee table. Composed of solid black walnut, each leg was sculpted by a local Chicago artisan who power carves with handheld tools to create unique spherical forms. The irregular shapes accentuate the table's wabi-sabi charm, with one leg of oblong form and the other of a stacked, hourglass form.

Additional Dimensions:
Stone Slab: 34.5"W x 21.5"D x 3"H
Oblong Leg: 11.5"W x 7.5"D x 12.25"H
Hourglass Leg: 8"Dia x 12.25"H

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