GAMA, Geisterland (Spirit Land), 2015

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W: 21.25" D: 2.5" H: 25.5"
Oil on Canvas
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Born in Mongolia, artist GAMA was born into a nomadic family and would move every four months as the seasons changed. His great aunt was an important shaman whose ability to connect with the supernatural world had a profound impact on him as a young boy.Nomadic elements and spatial dislocation are very prominent in GAMA's works. While he now lives and works in Germany, the paintings still reflect his nomadic freewheeling and infinitely curious mindset. In his works, he focuses on creating a three-dimensional space for his characters in the form of oil on canvas. However, he does not use illusionism to confuse the viewer between the painting and the real world; instead, he juxtaposes cultural and visual references, and emphasizes the physical texture of the work itself. With surreal subjects of fantastical landscapes and mythical creatures, GAMA’s paintings seek analogies between his childhood memories of Inner Mongolia and the world of fantasy so richly explored in the country where he has chosen to live.

Oil on canvas. Framed.

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b. 1977, Baotua, Mongolia

Born in Mongolia, artist GAMA grew up within a nomadic tradition in which shamanism and the supernatural continue to play an important role. Through his colorful oil paintings of surreal subjects - fantastical landscapes and mythical creatures – he subverts the conventions of his medium and offers insights into those worlds of imagination explored in his childhood.

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