Japanese Nobori Banner Textile

c. 1950
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Dated to the early to mid-20th century, this vintage Japanese textile is a nobori, a long, narrow banner used at festivals and public celebrations. Historically, nobori were used in feudal Japan to denote units within a moving army. Today, nobori are commonly seen in front of businesses and restaurants in lieu of signs or raised on special occasions such as holidays or public announcements.

This particular example is hand-painted with natural dyes to depict two impressive samurai warriors beneath a full moon. Likely intended for Boys' Day (Tango no Sekku), the nobori depicts these mythical warriors to confer their strength and fearlessness to one's child. The family crest at the top of the banner is the kamon of the Ashikaga clan, a family line of samurai warriors that rose to prominence in the 14th century under the Muromachi shogunate (1338-1573). A beautiful example of a time-honored tradition, this detailed folk textile looks especially striking as a dramatic wall hanging.

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