"Lullaby II" by Almudena Rodriguez

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W: 67.0" D: 1.25" H: 55.0"
Acrylic on Canvas
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Extracting images, logos and slogans from popular culture, Spanish artist Almudena Rodriguez rearranges disparate signs in an attempt to map out a single vision determined not by original context but through aesthetic thought. In a series titled "Pygmalion Effect," she explores the popular psychological idea that greater expectations lead to better performance, questioning how an artist can influence the viewer’s perception.

This mixed media on fabric work entitled "Lullaby II" layers images and symbols in a pop-art fantasy world of color and movement. Dancers leap across paint-splattered continents while children play beneath the curious gaze of a woman painted in the comic book style of Lichtenstein. A dream-like collage of decontextualized images, the painting offers an abstract map of pop culture, a 'contemporary iconosphere' wherein distant objects form close relationships and reveal each other's absurdity.

Acrylic on hand-sewn fabrics. Stretched.

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Almudena Rodriguez

b. 1969, Madrid, Spain

The colorful, large-scale paintings of Spanish artist Almudena Rodriguez offer a dream-like vision of modern pop culture. Extracting banal images from everyday media – characters from comics, mythic heros of the past, idols of today – she recontextualizes shared cultural signifiers to highlight the absurdity of a world in which self-perception is determined by mass media.

Her work has been shown throughout Spain, Portugal, France, Serbia, Algiers, Mexico, USA and in contemporary art fairs ARCO and Art Miami. She currently resides and works in Madrid, Spain.


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