Miniature Indian Portrait of a Gentleman Painted on Bone

c. 1850
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W: 7.25" D: 0.75" H: 8.0"
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A splendid example of India’s Company School, this small Indian painting from 1850 displays the melding of Mughal miniature tradition with Western styles that occurred when the British East India Company extended its influence into the subcontinent.

Responding to an influx of foreigners, artists were often commissioned to paint clients dressed in Indian costumes and popular styles. Although the identity of this sitter is not known, the curious mix of mutton-chop sideburns and outlandish courtly garb suggests this was one such commission.

Painted on bone with water-based pigments, a medium unique to Delhi artists, this painting combines the Mughal interest in detail and surface texture with Western notions of modeling and portrait convention, exemplifying the hybridized style that emerged during this fascinating transitional period of Indian art history.

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