"Buck Head" by Gordon Chandler

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W: 18.0" D: 18.0" H: 22.0"
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Renowned for his work with salvaged metal, American artist Gordon Chandler transforms weathered found materials into refined works of sculpture. With an eye to the aesthetic possibilities of this humble material, Chandler invests reclaimed steel with sculptural fluidity and a wry sense of form.

In this wall-mounted sculpture entitled "Buck Head," Gordon Chandler fashions a male deer head from found metal scraps and discarded industrial parts. The repurposed materials are perfectly arranged to capture the animal's form, from the sloping contours of the neck to the subtle folds in the ears.

Colorful coatings and remnants of the original branding hint at the metal's previous use, while rusted discoloration and wear create a cohesive overall texture. Large eight-point antlers curve in contrast to the deer's angular form, finished with a welded texture that imitates the bumpy surface of real antlers. Industrial and modern, we love this sculpture as a contemporary twist on the traditional mounted deer head.

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