Mythical Toad Incense Stand

c. 1800
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W: 17.25" D: 14.25" H: 32.5"
Northern Elmwood
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This 19th-century incense stand is intricately carved in the form of a mythical three-legged toad, a potent symbol of luck and prosperity. Known as the Jin Chan, or Money Toad, this mythical amphibian is the animal companion of Daoist immortal Liu Hai and has the ability to spit gold coins. The Jin Chan is here depicted breathing a plume of billowing incense smoke to support a round stone top, upon which a burning censer would be placed. According to feng shui lore, the toad should face away from a room's main entrance, so as to encourage the flow of wealth inwards to the home. An exquisite example of Qing-dynasty craftsmanship and culture, this finely carved incense stand is wonderful as a stunning centerpiece or pedestal.

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