Painted Scholars' Cabinet

c. 1850
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W: 41.0" D: 22.0" H: 75.25"
Northern Elmwood
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Evincing the austere attitude of Ming-dynasty aesthetics, this 19th-century cabinet is minimally accented with clean lines, rounded spandrels, and discrete brass hardware. Traces of the original painted decoration adorn the tall doors, depicting a courtly scholar strolling through a spacious courtyard, framed by a landscape dotted with flowering tree branches and rocky outcroppings. Largely intact, but heavily crazed, the lacquer coating's time-weathered appearance lends the cabinet a treasured sense of history. An ideal place to display jades, porcelain, and other esteemed scholars' objects, this cabinet likely stood as the centerpiece of a traditional scholars' studio, carefully selected as a source of beauty and creative inspiration.

Additional Dimensions:
Top Shelf: 17" H x 17" D x 32.5"W
Middle Shelf : 21" H x 17" D x 32.5" W
Bottom Shelf: 13" H x 17" D x 32.5" W

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