Square Bamboo Birdcage with Scroll Charm

c. 1900
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W: 8.75" D: 8.75" H: 17.5"
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This well-proportioned birdcage was once home to the pet of a Qing-dynasty aristocrat. Dated to the early 20th century, the square cage is carefully assembled of thin rods of bamboo with a sliding side door and a metal hook on the top. Several accessories are affixed to the sides of the cage, including two short perches, two wooden cups for water and birdseed, and a small charm carved from hardwood in the shape of an unfurled scroll. The metalwork of the hook mimics the form of bamboo stalks and has weathered with time, developing a verdigris patina. A work of exquisite craftsmanship, this fine birdcage is a wonderful collector's item and a storied sculptural object.

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The Homes of Chinese Songbirds

Bird-keeping was a popular pastime throughout the Qing dynasty and inspired its own material culture of beautiful cages and fine accessories. Carried around from place to place, luxurious songbird cages were as much an accessory as they were a functional object.


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