Square Bamboo Birdcage with Cloth Cover

c. 1900
W: 8.5" D: 8.5" H: 14.0"
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This delicate 19th-century birdcage was once home to the tiny pet bird of a Qing-dynasty aristocrat. The cage is expertly crafted of thin bamboo rods set within a square bamboo frame carved with intricate geometric meanders. The cage opens by a sliding side door and hangs from a large metal hook.

The interior is fitted with two petite porcelain cups for holding water and birdseed, glazed with colorful floral designs. The base is elevated by corner feet of floral scrollwork and round jade beads. The birdcage includes a removable blue cloth cover for travel. A fantastic collector's item, we love this birdcage as a storied sculptural object or the new home for a feathered friend.

From the collection of Frances and Gary Comer.

Removable base is replacement.

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The Homes of Chinese Songbirds

Bird-keeping was a popular pastime throughout the Qing dynasty and inspired its own material culture of beautiful cages and fine accessories. Carried around from place to place, luxurious songbird cages were as much an accessory as they were a functional object.


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