Tibetan Meditation Carpet with Cloud-Band Border

c. 1900
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W: 32.0" D: 34.0" H: 0.25"
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Beautifully knotted of vegetable-dyed wool, carpets by the nomadic peoples of Tibet, Mongolia, and northern China decorated every aspect of life with bright color and rich symbolism. Unlike those of the Chinese weaving tradition, such carpets were primarily intended not as floor coverings, but as places to sit or sleep. Laid across a bed platform, draped over a horse, or marking one’s seat, these carpets brought warmth and beauty to cold northern environments.

This square Tibetan carpet dates to the turn of the century and designates a sacred space for meditation. Known as a khagangma or a temple carpet, the square seat focuses one's thoughts and protects from negative energies. At the center of the carpet is a floral medallion or mandala, a visual metaphor for Buddhist notions of the universe and eternity. The medallion is enclosed by a simple meander and a pattern of swirling clouds, a variation of the ancient thunder pattern (Lei wen) believed to signify happiness and longevity.

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