Yoruba Ibeji Twin Figure

c. 1950
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W: 3.0" D: 3.0" H: 10.0"
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With one of the highest rates of twin births in the world, Yoruba cultures place special social and religious significance on twins, referred to as "emi alagbara" or "powerful spirits." Believed to be destined as deities, twins are honored in life and thought to bring wealth to their parents. On the occasion of the death of a twin, a memorial figure called an "ere ibeji" is commissioned by the mother to embody the spirit of her child. The figure is then affectionately cared for during an indefinite mourning period and dressed in beads and cowrie shells. With poised statures, composed expressions, and intricate hair and attire, ibeji figures such as this are celebrations of Yoruba culture and affirmations of life and legacy.

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