Tibetan Tara Padlock with Dorje Keys

c. 1850
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W: 3.25" D: 3.0" H: 8.25"
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Cast in high-relief with intricate detail, this fully functional padlock is a fantastic example of 19th-century Tibetan metalwork. The lock depicts the female bodhisattva known as Jetsun Dölma, or White Tara. Seated upon a lotus throne, she holds her right hand in the abhaya mudra, the gesture of protection. Shown with a third eye on her forehead and eyes on the palms of her hands and soles of her feet, she has the ability to know all suffering in the world. A revered diety of protection, she is a fitting image for a padlock and would guard the items within. Beautifully aged with slight oxidation, the lock and dorje keys are elevated on a custom steel stand as a sculptural object.

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