Tibetan Manuscript Book

c. 1900
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This Tibetan manuscript dates to the early 20th century and is complete with two painted covers and ten two-sided leaves. Containing Buddhist scripture and tales of Buddhist deities and heroes, Tibetan manuscripts are left unbound and protected by decorative wooden covers depicting the figures mentioned in the text.

The front cover of this manuscript depicts three seated Buddhas, each with a different posture. The left Buddha sits with hands in the Gesture of Witness, signifying the state of enlightenment, the middle Buddha sits in the Gesture of Teaching, signifying the dharma wheel being set in motion, and the right Buddha sits in the Gesture of Comfort, expressing empathy and protection.

The back cover depicts three seated bodhisattvas, each wearing five point crowns and flowing robes. On the left is Manjushri, personifying wisdom and transcendental knowledge and identifiable by the flaming sword raised above his head. In the middle is Amitabha, the Buddha of Infinite Light, his hands in the Gesture of Meditation. On the right is White Tara, a female bodhisattva of compassion and protection.

Painted with vibrant red, green, and yellow pigments, this manuscript is a wonderful example of Tibetan Buddhist art and scripture.

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