Tibetan Thangka of Vaishravana

c. 1850
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W: 28.75" D: 1.75" H: 41.25"
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Thangkas are devotional paintings displayed by Buddhists in monasteries, temples, and even their homes. This 19th-century Tibetan Thangka is rich with historical figures and symbolism arranged around the Viashravana in the painting's center. This lesser deity is the god of wealth and guardian of the North, identifiable by the mongoose in his arm and the banner flying overhead. This banner, or dhvaja in sanskrit, represents the victory of Buddhist teachings over ignorance and announces the imminent arrival of good fortune. It’s remarkable that this beautiful Thangka survived in such lovely shape—ancient scrolls & paintings, such as this, were often rolled and unrolled many times, and often marred by water stains or soot from temple candles. The red, green, blue, and orange pigments on the central Viashravana are almost as vibrant as the day they were painted.

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