Wang Dongling, "Wei Zhuang - Bodhisattva Melody," 2015

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Wang Dongling is one of China’s most highly regarded ink artists. In recent years Wang has achieved a new level of freedom of expression in the calligraphic style that is referred to as “luan shu” (chaos script). "Wei Zhuang - Bodhisattva Melody" exemplifies this style. Although the content of the piece is taken from the lyrics of a famous Tang dynasty poem by Wei Zhuang, any attempt to achieve legibility has been abandoned. Instead, Wang’s aim is to depict the overall mood and feeling of the poem, and his characters are exaggerated, overlap as his writing becomes an abstract field of pure trace.

Hailed as a ‘breakthrough’ for the artist, over the last three years Wang Dongling has been invited to perform his signature “luan shu” script at the Victoria & Albert Museum, The British Museum, The Metropolitan Museum of Art, the Brooklyn Museum, the Asia Society Museum in New York, the Vancouver Art Gallery and the Imperial Ancestral Temple in Beijing.

Ink on watercolor paper. Framed.

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