Wei Jia, "No. 21289," 2021

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W: 28.0" D: 1.25" H: 42.5"
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Wei Jia’s artistic practice draws on Chinese cultural history and China’s relationship with nature and craft. The influence of abstract expressionism and traditional Chinese calligraphy come together through a multistep process of tearing, mounting, and painting with Chinese handmade paper, gouache, and ink. Wei lets the materials guide his works, giving the impression of free-flowing artistic creation. His works are both abstract and structural, with rhythm and line working in harmony.

Each of Wei Jia's paper collages is composed of fragments preserved from the artist’s past painting processes, each additional layer an exercise in reviving the past and giving it new meaning. Some of the scattered thoughts and flashbacks that arise from this process are recorded directly onto the works, written in Wei’s precise calligraphic script. Other memories are less coherent, more like ambiguous feelings that inspire his imagination and creativity. “Such a method is the most approachable," says Wei Jia, "everyone might pick up the pieces and put them together.” He considers his works to be light-hearted and sincere expressions of his true feelings, reflecting his perpetual journey and his relaxed and optimistic outlook on life.

Entitled “No. 21289,” this serene collage was inspired by Wei's memories of the rich colors of Mexico City. The vertical rectangular panels were inspired by the form of Spring Festival couplets, a motif echoed in many of his recent works.

Gouache, ink and Xuan paper collage on paper. Mounted on wood board.

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Wei Jia 韋佳

b. 1957, Beijing, China

Informed by the traditional Chinese arts of calligraphy, painting and poetry, Beijing artist Wei Jia creates paper collages of lingering memories and ambiguous feelings. Layered fragments from his past are arranged in simple abstract forms, revealing the artist’s own experiences and presenting his heart in a straightforward and improvised way.

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