January 19 – March 12




Revered for decades, Chicago artist Michael Thompson layers found materials collected throughout his travels to create landscapes of color and texture.





Each of Michael Thompson's unique fine art kites is a patchwork of stories, crafted from split bamboo frames and vintage ephemera—including fragments of fabric, scrolls, drawings, and books. Get lost or find yourself in his sculptural work.





"I like to envision the kites as a narrative, a pictorial whole, with a focus and threads, a framework of balance and tension. For me, the most successful kites provide a circuitous tableau that a viewer enters and traverses." —Michael Thompson






"Seascape" by Michael Thompson is a rare departure from the collage work of his ongoing kite series. Rendered in grayscale, the painting is moody, unclear if depicting a tumultuous ocean or the eroded peaks and valleys of a mountain range. 




Michael Thompson's lively compositions celebrate the rhythms of life and exude a sense of joyous perpetuity. Thompson has earned an international reputation for his kite works, an engrossing project initiated by the artist more than a decade ago.