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Stone Guangxi, China W: 11.75" D: 8.5" H: 8.25"
Porcelain Beijing, China H: 7.75" Dia: 8.0"
Pine, Mirror Shanxi, China W: 7.5" D: 7.5" H: 1.5"
Paint, Wood, Mirror, Plaster Europe W: 34.0" D: 3.0" H: 60.0"
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Terra Cotta Shanxi, China H: 14.0" Dia: 15.0"
Michael Thompson

Dreams in Flight

Featuring fine art kites, monoprint collages and the debut of his sculptural memory jugs, Michael Thompson's latest exhibition "Dreams In Flight" is a bold exploration of mixed materials.

Paint, Wood, Lacquer China W: 96.0" D: 0.75" H: 83.75"
Terra Cotta Shanxi, China H: 9.0" Dia: 8.0"
Stone, Hardstone China W: 4.5" D: 3.5" H: 12.25"
Jade Stone Ritual Blade
Terra Cotta Shanxi, China H: 14.0" Dia: 15.5"
Terra Cotta Yunnan, China H: 11.25" Dia: 10.0"
Yunnan Lobed Pot
Hardwood, Mirror Northern China, China W: 8.25" D: 10.5" H: 7.75"
Porcelain China H: 10.75" Dia: 9.0"

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