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Lucite Beijing, China H: 19.75" Dia: 14.5"
Lucite Beijing, China W: 25.0" D: 20.5" H: 47.0"
Lucite Beijing, China W: 23.5" D: 21.25" H: 46.25"
Lucite Beijing, China W: 17.75" D: 17.75" H: 24.0"
Lucite Beijing, China W: 28.5" D: 24.75" H: 39.5"
Lucite, Porcelain Beijing, China W: 21.5" D: 21.5" H: 36.0"
Lucite Beijing, China W: 37.0" D: 37.0" H: 31.5"
Lucite Beijing, China W: 64.5" D: 18.0" H: 34.75"
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The specimens in our Stone Collection evoke the grandeur of nature. Centuries ago, Chinese artists looked to similar meditation stones for inspiration. The contemporary artisan-made bases are bronze or steel and can be made to order.

For information on lead times and pricing, please call 888-878-8628.

Stone, Steel Jiangsu, China W: 40.0" D: 24.75" H: 18.5"
Meditation Stone Top Table
Stone, Bronze Jiangsu, China W: 25.0" D: 18.0" H: 19.5"
Meditation Stone Side Table
Stone, Jade, Steel Liaoning, China W: 45.5" D: 33.0" H: 31.0"
Meditation Stone Top Desk
Stone, Steel Jiangsu, China W: 50.75" D: 27.0" H: 30.0"
Meditation Stone Top Desk

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