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Porcelain Beijing, China H: 20.0" Dia: 23.0"
Blue and White Fish Bowl
Marble Northern China, China W: 37.0" D: 25.0" H: 15.0"
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Limestone Shandong, China W: 18.5" D: 11.5" H: 11.0"
Limestone Northern China, China W: 21.0" D: 22.0" H: 11.0"
Stone Northern China, China W: 21.0" D: 14.5" H: 9.5"
Provincial Trough
Stone Shandong, China H: 9.0" Dia: 11.0"
Courtyard Basin
Cypress Hebei, China W: 25.5" D: 8.25" H: 7.0"
Provincial Trough
Limestone Shandong, China H: 8.5" Dia: 17.25"
Limestone Shandong, China H: 10.25" Dia: 16.0"
Ceramic Northern China, China H: 32.5" Dia: 34.0"
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Taihu Stones

Use unusual taihu stones to border a path or retain an area. They are easy to install. Shop online or call us at for help with your project. 888-878-8628

Ceramic, Paint China H: 28.5" Dia: 25.5"
Magpie Egg Jar
Ceramic Northern China, China H: 28.5" Dia: 35.5"

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