Tibetan Saddle Carpet with Floral Medallion

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Known as an over-saddle carpet or "masho," this small rectangular carpet was once used by a nomadic traveler as an artful covering for his saddle. Placed between the saddle and the rider, the masho cushioned the rigid saddle and helped to keep the rider warm in cold climates. The masho would have originally been paired with a large under-saddle carpet with a matching design, known as "makden."

Dated to the early 20th century, this Tibetan over-saddle carpet features a round central medallion combining geometric fretwork and floral motifs. The dark yellow field is enclosed by a simple meander and a main border patterned with floral scrollwork. A bright red felt trims the outermost edge. Intricately knotted in a palette of dark yellow, burgundy, and indigo, the small carpet continues to enrich its surroundings with rich color and texture.

From the collection of Frances and Gary Comer.

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Woven History

Originally used by nomadic travelers in the 19th & early 20th-centuries as artful coverings for their horses, these unusual Tibetan carpets cushioned rigid saddles & kept horses warm in cold climates. 



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