"Drawing for Allegheny + Ludlum Helmet & Jacket" by Patrick Fitzgerald

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W: 15.25" D: 1.0" H: 17.25"
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Entitled "Drawing for Allegheny + Ludlum Helmet & Jacket," this work by Chicago-based artist Patrick Fitzgerald is a companion piece to his sculpture "A+L Helmet & Jacket." Worn by the imagined driver of one of his miniature soap box derby cars, each helmet & jacket is branded with an industrial sponsor, in this case the Allegheny Ludlum Corporation, a steel manufacturer from the early 20th century. Mounted on subtle collage materials and paper fragments, the sketch is drawn to seem improvisational, "as having been removed from a work space and placed immediately into a frame."

"The concept of these drawings," says Fitzgerald, "was to make objects that appear salvaged from a junk shop and rescued from oblivion. The frames are imperfect and show their age, each given one last chance to serve its purpose."

Graphite on paper mounted on collaged board. Framed.

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Patrick Fitzgerald

b. 1962, Grand Rapids, MI

Chicago artist Patrick Fitzgerald refers to his body of work as his “Neighborhood of Infinity,” a borrowed term used literally to describe the bounty of materials and creative inspiration he found in the industrial landscapes of his youth. For the last decade, Fitzgerald has been mining his early experiences, re-envisioning the mechanical world of his childhood through the eye of an artist.


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