Maya Tetrapod Terracotta Bowl

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H: 3.5" Dia: 6.25"
Terra Cotta
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This wide-mouthed bowl raised upon four bulbous feet is formed in the style of mammiform tetrapod serving plates from the Maya lowlands of Mexico and Guatemala. Used as a presentation vessel, the petite bowl is coated in a glossy red-orange slip, now beautifully worn from many centuries of use. Although the monochrome decoration indicates this piece was an everyday object, vessels of this form were considered quite valuable and even served as political currency at the end of the Late Preclassic era. (400 BC - AD 100)

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Andrea Goldman | Andrea Goldman Design

“Over the years, I’ve incorporated many pieces from PAGODA RED into my designs. Not only can they balance new furnishings (and often new construction) by feeling more established, but the pieces emanate a sense of rich history, often leaving you wondering where they were in a previous life. These beautiful pieces carefully hand-selected by the team at PAGODA RED, coupled with their unbelievable customer service, make them a must-have for any home.”

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