Wu Jian'an, "Willow in a Breeze," 2012

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W: 33.5" D: 1.5" H: 33.5"
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In the hands of Wu Jian’an, the traditional Chinese medium of paper cut becomes a means of exploring an idiosyncratic range of iconographic source material culled from all over the world. One of the two contemporary artists who represented China at the 2017 Venice Biennale, Wu Jian’an has pushed the boundaries of traditional paper cut techniques into the contemporary realm. In his work "Willow in a Breeze," Wu Jian’an takes Chinese folklore as his inspiration, and depicts mythical creatures able to transform between human and tree form. Depicted here with drooping leaves as thin as hair, willow trees are the Buddhist symbol of meekness and are frequently used as emblems of femininity. As in many ancient cultures, a close link between humanity and nature was established through folk tales and myth, which in turn fostered the individual's spiritual engagement with nature. Giving new forms of visual expression to these ancient beliefs, Wu Jian’an seeks to re-link humanity with its natural surroundings within a rapidly urbanizing China.

Framed paper-cut.

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