"Study for NGC-3372" by Jan Pieter Fokkens

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W: 24.0" D: 1.75" H: 18.0"
Acrylic on Canvas
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The colorful paintings of Jan Pieter Fokkens transport us to distant worlds beyond our comprehension. Within his seemingly infinite networks of lines, dots, and crosses, he decodes the recognizable to create something unfamiliar.

Each work begins with a colorized photo captured by a deep-space telescope. With the aid of custom algorithms, Fokkens manipulates the “fake pixels” of these images, isolating qualities of pattern and color. He then hand-paints these abstracted qualities on canvas in his unique pointillist style, reconstructing the sense of longing and wonder one feels when they look out at the stars.

Entitled "NGC-3372," this painting explores the Carina Nebula, located 8,500 light-years from Earth within the Carina-Sagittarius Arm. One of the largest diffuse nebulae in our skies, the Carina Nebula spans over 300 light-years and is home to the most luminous star known in our Milky Way galaxy.

Acrylic on canvas. Framed.

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Jan Pieter Fokkens

Inspired by telescope images of distant galaxies, star clusters and nebula, the colorful paintings of Jan Pieter Fokkens invite us to worlds full of wonder and imagination. Assembled from fragments of pattern and color, his abstract compositions are a means of manipulating reality. Endlessly generating new experiences of perspective, his paintings challenge our perceptions and allow us to peer into far-off worlds.


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