Crackled Lacquer Cabinet

c. 1850
$6,680 USD SOLD
W: 49.5" D: 21.0" H: 70.0"
Northern Elmwood
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This 19th-century cabinet from Shanxi province epitomizes the austerity of classical Chinese furniture design. Bare of ornament aside from its brass hardware, the cabinet's clean lines are contrasted by its subtly carved apron. The intricate scrollwork contains several serpentine dragons, auspicious creatures signifying power, strength, and luck. The original rich cordovan lacquer has crackled beautifully over time and gives the cabinet a texture that calls to be touched.

Additional Dimensions:
Top Shelf: 48"W x 18"D x 14"H
Middle Shelf: 48"W x 18"D x 12"H
Bottom Shelf: 48"W x 18"D x 11"H
Bottom Chamber: 48"W x 19"D x 11.5"H
Drawers: 13.25"W x 12.5"D x 2.5"H

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