• Forecast: Top Trends for 2019

    It’s that time again! We turned to one of our favorite tastemakers—PAGODA RED founder Betsy Nathan, to get her take on the trends most likely to take the design world by storm in 2019. Below are the five she’s finding most inspiring for the new year. If you notice a theme in this year’s round-up, it […]

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    January 8, 2019 By hgoodman
  • In The Press: Architectural Digest on our New Space

    Huge thanks to Architectural Digest for telling the story of our warehouse, so beautifully! The article shines light on the unique way we work with designers, and how our new space makes it easier than ever to find that just-right item any project. In the piece, PAGODA RED founder Betsy Nathan shares how fulfilling it […]

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    December 20, 2018 By hgoodman
  • One Of A Kind Gifts For Everyone On Your List

    Throughout this special season, we’ve given quite a bit of thought to the concept of generous giving. What is it about certain gifts that makes them feel truly generous? We know that it isn’t simply the price point, or even the level of luxury. Our most cherished gifts have always been those that were chosen with […]

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    December 8, 2018 By hgoodman
  • Give Generously: Gifts Imbued with Gratitude

    Throughout the holiday season, our thoughts turn to friends and family, gathering together around common tables. There is so much beauty to celebrate, but our favorite detail will always be the focus on gratitude and generosity. With this ethos in mind, we’ve assembled a collection of soulful objects that reflect this sentiment and are just […]

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    December 4, 2018 By hgoodman
  • African Metal Work at UCLA’s Fowler Museum

    Inspired by Striking Iron: The Art Of African Blacksmiths, an exciting new exhibition from The Fowler Museum at UCLA, we’re delving into the stories behind a few favorite works of African metal, from our own collection. The Fowler is part of UCLA’s School of the Arts and Architecture, and is renowned for its in-depth exploration of […]

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    October 22, 2018 By hgoodman
  • Breaking News: We Moved & Expanded

    A New Gallery and Studio  For the very first time, the complete PAGODA RED collection will be open to the public. The move is complete—with the collections from our Fulton Market and Winnetka galleries finding new homes in our freshly renovated “rough luxe” space in Bucktown. PAGODA RED • 1740 W Webster Ave, Chicago Monday – Saturday • 10am […]

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    October 18, 2018 By aknotts
  • Book Report: Elegance in Japanese Art

    Here at PAGODA RED, we love to follow the connective thread that ties modern and ancient art together. Tracing a work of art back through time, to the very emergence of a particular style or medium, and communicating that rich lineage to our clients, is an integral piece of what we do. It was with great pleasure that […]

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    October 8, 2018 By hgoodman
  • Elemental: Designing With Water

    In the practice of Feng Shui, the element of water is deeply symbolic. It serves as a physical metaphor for a person’s Qi, or life force, and plays a critical role in the creation of a balanced, harmonious space. After all, the words Feng Shui translate to mean “wind and water” in English. Though we […]

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    August 10, 2018 By hgoodman
  • Chinese Gardens: The Heart of the Home

    Courtyard gardens are the literal and figural heart of the Chinese home. In a classical house, the main rooms open into a private garden that not only fills the home with sunlight but also serves as a space for contemplation and meditation. These natural spaces are often referred to as “scholars gardens,” used by artists […]

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    July 28, 2018 By aknotts
  • Shipping & Delivery: Modern Trade Routes

    With over 20 years in business, and clients from nearly every corner of the globe, we’ve become experts at shipping, handling and white glove delivery. Remote locations, strict delivery windows, ultra-delicate artifacts, and objects weighing more than a ton—we’ve seen and shipped it all. We asked PAGODA RED founder Betsy Nathan to share some of […]

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    July 20, 2018 By aknotts
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