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Autumn Entertaining: 5 Festive Ways to Celebrate Fall

Autumn invites us to spend the last days of warm weather at home, with friends — what more perfect way to end a dinner party than with cocktails around the outdoor firepit? Whether you’re planning a party for a crowd or an intimate gathering for a few close favorites, these five ideas might inspire you to make a memorable get-together with authentic objects for serving, storing, and celebrating.

1. Set a farm-to-table spread on a provincial table.

Rustic tables feel at home indoors or out. For a casual dinner, seat guests at benches or mix-and-match chairs. Pick up flowers and food at the farmer’s market, and keep the menu simple: seasonal roasted vegetables, grilled steaks and wine are all you need. Decorate with tea lights, string lights and a few cozy throws for cool evenings.

2. Practice the simple, ancient art of the tea ceremony.

While Asian tea ceremonies are steeped in tradition, you don’t need to be a master to share the ritual of tea with friends. Many people who practice tea ceremonies understand their highest purpose to be presence in the moment and appreciation of fleeting beauty. At home, a tea ceremony can be as simple as hosting a few friends, setting a table with flowers and tea bowls, and hand-brewing a pot to share.

3. Organize your tablescape with bi discs—or use them as chargers.

Bi-discs are round, hand-sculpted stones that have existed for centuries. They’re remarkably versatile — they can be mounted and displayed as sculptures, or used flat as centerpieces. On an autumn table, they bring an unexpected element of depth, dimension and sophistication.

4. Fill a scoop to create a mini cornucopia.

Hand-carved provincial scoops were used in China for rice and grains. Their rustic shape and wide size make them perfect for cornucopias. Fill one with gourds, fragrant herbs or dried flowers for a memorable display.

5. Use a painted cabinet as a buffet to elevate your spread.

Buffets are the workhorses of entertaining any time of year, but especially in the fall. They hold all the extra serving pieces, candles and linens you bring out for special occasions, and they provide a surface for help-yourself dishes when you’re hosting potlucks, cocktails or casual brunches. Painted cabinets, in particular, look lovely with flowers. The natural pigments complement any arrangement.

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