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Make a Moss & Stone Arrangement

Mushrooms, moss, and succulents, oh my. As temperatures drop outside, bring some nature indoors. How? By making you’re very own taihu stone or bamboo basket floral arrangement. Let’s get started!


  • Flat Stone (we used a Taihu Stone) or…
  • Bamboo Basket (we used a round one)
  • Venus Slipper Orchids
  • Echeveria Cuttings
  • Tree Conk Mushroom
  • Shag & Feather Moss
  • Floral Stakes

5 Simple Steps

  • Nestle floral stakes into the stone or basket.
  • Build up a base of shag and feather moss.
  • Mount echeveria and mushrooms on stakes.
  • Nestle the orchids into your base.
  • Place in a sunny spot; mist with water twice a week.

With proper care, blooms will last 4-6 weeks and the cuttings and mushroom will root in the moss.

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