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Show & Tell: Lake Forest Showhouse & Gardens: Part 3

Realtors will insist that curb appeal is everything, but we tend to believe that the entryway is the true first impression of a home. Elizabeth Krueger, whose Chicago-based namesake design firm created the most talked-about entry at the Lakeforest Showhouse in recent memory, is of like mind.

Her moody take on the entrance area merged pattern, scintillating gold accents and curated objects with a rebellious attitude. PAGODA RED provided our beloved decorative raven, a mediation stone and bi-disc. Admittedly, we couldn’t wait to see Elizabeth’s finished look; we chatted with her a few days before the doors of the Showhouse opened. Here’s further evidence design risks are worth taking—especially when no one is expecting them.


Entryway at the Lake Forest Showhouse. Photo: Jonathan Allen


Entryway at the Lake Forest Showhouse. Photo: Jonathan Allen

PR: The entry can be an overlooked room in the home. You went full-statement with your space, tell us about your vision for the design.

EK: Well, we decided to go for it! The ink blot paper from Porter Teleo on the ceiling in the gallery felt like it drew you into the space. We decided to go neutral with the palette but heavy in texture & natural patterns. At the end of the day, I wanted people to think, if this is what the entry looks like, I can’t wait to see the rest of the house!


Entryway Toward Gallery at the Lake Forest Showhouse. Photo: Jonathan Allen

PR: You incorporated three PAGODA RED objects—the raven, bi disc and meditation stone—what drew you to these specific pieces? Did you originally know how they would fit into your design?

EK: I remember unpacking the meditation stone in the space and squealing. It jumped out and was so special. I loved the bi disc too—it felt strong, grounding and architectural. The raven made me nervous until we put it on the shelf. Then I knew we had to have it. I found them to be so beautiful because they are natural and unique pieces. I didn’t expect them to be so strong on their own but they really are.

Photography by: Allison Knotts

Entryway Details at the Lake Forest Showhouse. Photo: Allison Knotts

PR: What is your philosophy on fashioning an entry?

EK: It sets the stage for the rest of the home. I think it says a lot about the homeowner—if they are willing to have fun in their house. You should be able to tell right when you walk in.


Entryway Towards Gallery at the Lake Forest Showhouse. Photo: Jonathan Allen

Portrait courtesy of Mike Schwartz




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