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Breaking News: We Moved & Expanded

A New Gallery and Studio 

For the very first time, the complete PAGODA RED collection will be open to the public. The move is complete—with the collections from our Fulton Market and Winnetka galleries finding new homes in our freshly renovated “rough luxe” space in Bucktown.

PAGODA RED • 1740 W Webster Ave, Chicago
Monday – Saturday • 10am – 6pm • 773.235.1188

The 15,000 square-foot, bow truss warehouse will allow us to offer clients unprecedented access—with an ultra-modern gallery and studio, along with comprehensive open storage, where 20+ years of collecting will be catalogued & displayed. 

“The space is immersive,” says PAGODA RED founder Betsy Nathan. “Clients call it a library of interesting things. There will be no lag time… no lead time.”

“Some of my favorite visits to the Art Institute in Chicago have been behind the scenes,” explains Betsy. “The Kohler Arts Center embraces the open storage concept, as does the Met. Since the beginning, our clients have loved exploring our back room and wanted to see what was in our warehouse. So, we got creative and designed what we’re calling a ‘rough luxe’ area in the heart of our bow truss warehouse space—where we can bring select groups of objects together in a thoughtful way. And, literally, behind the curtain, is the adventure of exploring our curated racks, holding 20 years of collecting.” 

This November: Visit Us

Our new Bucktown headquarters will open its doors with the many extraordinary objects from our Fulton Market and Winnetka galleries now viewable in single space. Visit us opening day: Friday November 16, 2018

Facade Makeover

Huge ‘thank you’ to Amuse126 and Merlot for the incredible mural work that wraps the entire building. The imagery is inspired by artistic motifs found on traditional blue and white porcelain. We can’t wait to unveil the finished work of art. Stay tuned.

Beyond Brick and Mortar

Over the past two years, we’ve been busy building a rich website as well as social media channels, to allow for a more seamless experience between web, phone & in-person.

  • Enjoy our newest arrivals online at
  • Read the stories of favorite artists & designers here on our blog
  • Explore art, adventures and tips on by InstagramFacebook & Pinterest liking and following @pagodared

We’ll have more exciting news and announcements in the coming weeks, and we look forward to sharing them all with you.


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