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Betsy Burnham: Mixing Modern & Asian

Frequently weaving Asian design into her residential projects, Los-Angeles-based interior designer Betsy Burnham is rapidly earning international attention. Here, she speaks with PAGODA RED about easy ways to incorporate Asian elements into a modern space and why absolutely everyone needs a garden stool.

Beverly Hills House

Beverly Hills House

PR: What specifically draws you to Asian style?

BB: Asian pieces provide the perfect mix. At Burnham Design, we love all things vintage and decorative, as well as any pieces that have clean, simple lines. Asian pieces fit into just about any type of design, from classic to modern and everything in-between.

PR: What’s an easy way to start incorporating Asian elements into one’s home?

BB: I’d start with a highly functional piece. Asian sideboards are perfect for linen storage (and as a surface for table lamps) in dining rooms or under televisions to house A/V equipment in a bedroom. Or, try a ceramic garden stool. They’re super decorative, often come in fun colors, and work as both side tables and additional seating in a room.


Beverly Hills House

PR: What’s your go-to Asian piece?

BB: Ming-style or Parsons-style tables, both cocktail and side.

PR: Do you specifically seek out Asian pieces or do they just find their way into your projects?

BB: I’m not sure I seek them out specifically, but Asian pieces definitely find their way into almost every project we do. Sometimes it’s just a simple vintage box for a bookshelf, but often it’s a larger gesture: a decorative Asian screen as a headboard, or Asian demi-lune tables as entry pieces.

Images Courtesy of Betsy Burnham Design

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