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Five Favorites from Douglas Hoerr

There’s a reason why students are told to study the masters. What could be better than spending time in the company of true expertise (in real life or in books) to understand a craft?

hoerr-portraitWhen it comes to designing outdoor spaces, we often look for inspiration overseas or on Instagram—both of which are satisfying from afar but hardly compare to the real thing. PAGODA RED is lucky to have award-winning landscape architecture firm Hoerr Schaudt in our hometown, where we can admire their Chicago-area gardens and green spaces.

We’re thrilled to welcome the firm’s co-founder Douglas Hoerr for a special booking signing here at our Chicago gallery this month. While much of the conversation will surround the debut of Hoerr Schaudt’s first design book, we’ll also ask Doug for details about the nature of his craft, and how to create beautiful outdoor living spaces in urban areas.

As fans of the clean and elemental Hoerr Schaudt aesthetic and to celebrate their book, we’ve asked Doug to spend time with our collection and select a few favorites. Here are five pieces that speak his language—and ours.


1. Stone Trough

“This earthy vessel, while richly primitive, is even more unique because of the raw vertical line. Such detailing gives it texture and interest. Its versatility and slight height makes it able to accommodate a variety of plants that spill over.”


2. Stone Chicken Trough

“The clean lines and shallow depth make this an extremely versatile object. Its simplicity transcends trends. This could easily fit on a modern or traditional outdoor table top.”


3. White Marble Drum Stool

“Marble is timeless, and each piece ages differently. The delicately carved detailing makes it distinctive, and it’s beautifully juxtaposed against the solidity of the marble. This would work well within a residential garden.”


4. Clover Carved Stone Jar

“It almost appears to be iron, rather than stoneware, and the natural clover contrasts with the vessel’s mass. This would be an excellent choice for potted plants.”


5. Black and White Stone Basin

“Carved from the rock itself, the geologic strata patterning is elegantly simple. It adds a primal element in any space.”

Join Us & Meet Douglas Hoerr

July 19th, 5-7pm at our West Loop gallery (400 N Morgan, Chicago) Douglas will be signing copies of Hoerr Schaudt’s first book “Movement and Meaning: The Landscapes of Hoerr Schaudt”—a beautiful collection of forty-five private, public and cultural projects.


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