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Wealth & Health: The Year of the Earth Pig

From February 5, 2019 to January 24, 2020, the Chinese calendar has us in the Year of the Earth Pig. Symbolic of wealth and luck, the pig is supported and connected within its earth element this year. In Chinese astrology, this translates into a year of security and prosperity.

The Chinese New Year is traditionally celebrated by decluttering, cleaning, and bringing your environment into balance. (If you’ve been thinking about KonMari-ing your home, now is the time.) You can also decorate with pigs and other auspicious symbols to attract good fortune.

Health: Dusty Rose Tea Shop Jar

For centuries, lidded jars like these have been used in tea shops in China. Associated with taste and upper-class refinement, tea is also renowned for its health benefits. Rendered in a striking shade of rose pink, this classic jar reinterprets an ancient form.

Dusty Rose Tea Shop Jar | Dia: 8.5″ H: 10.25″ | Porcelain

Wealth: Twin Mythical Jar

The Chinese artisan who made this double-sided jar used a neutral glaze and incredibly detailed etching to add texture and depth to these twin pig figures. The jar was made in China’s Fujian Province, but the design references a style of ancient vessels, occasionally uncovered in the Neolithic tombs of wealthy people.

Twin Mythical Jar | c. 1900 | W: 13.0″ D: 10.0″ H: 14.0″ | Ceramic

Prosperity: Rosewood Lantern

During the Lantern Festival (which falls within the first month of the Year of the Pig), people hang lanterns to symbolize finding a fresh start. Each of the frosted glass panels on this elegant lantern are detachable and fit precisely within the hexagonal frame like a puzzle. Delicately carved round medallions within the outer frame resemble Chinese eternal coins, conveying a blessing of prosperity and success.

Rosewood Prosperity Lantern | c. 1850 | Dia: 22.5″ H: 25.75″

For more on the cultures and traditions surrounding Chinese New Year, browse our blog.

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