For 20+ years, our team has been practicing the art of mounting & display

We work with collectors, institutions and individuals to create unique and custom art displays. The right mount elevates an object, showing it as its meant to be seen. Whether a hat, an ancient charm or a spectacular stone, displays bring life to bookshelves, coffee tables and any surface that requires a lift. A beloved resource for designers and architects, we make display a delight. 

How to Work With Us

1. E-mail or send us photographs of your objects.
2. We'll advise on possible materials and mounts.
3. Choose from bronze, brass or steel in a full range of finishes.
4. We'll send you an estimate that includes schedules and shipping.
5. Ship or deliver your object to us.
6. Our artisans will create a custom display solution.
7. We'll deliver the object and its new display to you.

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