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Wool Turkestan W: 110.0" D: 69.0"
Wool Turkestan W: 83.0" D: 57.0"
Wool Turkestan W: 53.0" D: 111.0"
Wool Turkestan W: 63.5" D: 0.5" H: 101.0"

Deco Design

China's Art Deco period (1920-40) continues to influence international fashion and design. In the cultural capital of Shanghai, signature Deco style meant clean lines and fresh palettes. Our rare Deco collection speaks to a unique time and place, yet is completely current.

Wool Shanghai, China W: 106.0" D: 139.0" H: 0.5"
Chinese Deco Carpet
Wool Shanghai, China W: 107.0" D: 141.0" H: 0.25"
Deco Peacock Carpet
Wool Beijing, China W: 36.0" D: 60.0" H: 0.25"
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Wool Turkestan W: 162.0" D: 60.0" H: 0.25"
Wool Turkestan W: 30.0" D: 68.0" H: 0.5"
Wool Turkestan W: 110.5" D: 62.0"
Samarghand Rug

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