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Design with Imperfections

Wabi Sabi

The roughness of an imperfect glaze; a crumbling wall. The quiet beauty in these elements is perfectly expressed in the Japanese worldview of wabi sabi. Wabi describes the quirks that bring a unique spirit to an object. Sabi is the grace that comes with age.

Hardstone Shaanxi, China W: 21.0" D: 10.0" H: 14.0"
Northern Elmwood Shanxi, China W: 42.5" D: 14.0" H: 34.0"
Wood Beijing, China H: 7.25" Dia: 9.25"
Pine Gansu, China W: 82.0" D: 20.0" H: 38.5"
Terra Cotta Shanxi, China H: 7.5" Dia: 7.0"
Willow Shandong, China H: 15.0" Dia: 13.0"
Stone, Jade Shaanxi, China W: 26.0" D: 10.0" H: 9.0"
Wood Beijing, China H: 7.0" Dia: 9.5"
Northern Elmwood, Lacquer Shanxi, China W: 34.0" D: 18.75" H: 15.0"

Michael Thompson

Contemporary artist Michael Thompson creates whimsical kites from split bamboo and vintage ephemera collected during his travels.

Silk, Bamboo, Muslin United States W: 44.25" D: 2.5" H: 60.75"
Limestone Shanxi, China H: 19.25" Dia: 9.5"
Mill Stone
Pine Shandong, China W: 10.5" D: 4.25" H: 12.5"

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