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Marble Northern China, China W: 37.0" D: 25.0" H: 15.0"
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Limestone Northern China, China H: 6.0" Dia: 22.0"
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Taihu Stones

Use unusual taihu stones to border a path or retain an area. They are easy to install. Shop online or call us at for help with your project. 888-878-8628

Stone Shandong, China H: 9.0" Dia: 11.0"
Courtyard Basin
Iron Northern China, China H: 10.5" Dia: 12.0"
Iron Northern China, China H: 16.75" Dia: 12.0"
Stone Mongolia W: 14.5" D: 13.0" H: 10.5"
Yingshi Meditation Stone
Stone Liaoning, China W: 11.75" D: 19.5" H: 4.75"
Greenery Meditation Stone
Stone Jiangsu, China W: 50.5" D: 23.0" H: 2.5"
Natural Wonders

Meditation Stones

Want to see more? See our full collection of mediation stones—these rocks are abstract art, statement pieces in the garden, or the finishing touch in your room.

Limestone Northern China, China W: 17.0" D: 16.0" H: 4.5"
Limestone Shanxi, China W: 10.5" D: 12.0" H: 25.0"
Ceramic Northern China, China H: 28.5" Dia: 35.5"

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