September 23 - October 20, 2023


Enlightenment • 72" x 36″

In this never-before-seen series entitled Tree Spirits, fine art painter Bruno Surdo departs with the figure and embarks on an exploration of form. Depicting trees that "speak”, each work reflects Surdo’s personal journey to uncover the intangible spirit within each tree.

This is Not a Tree • 77″ x 74″

From pure abstraction to tight realism, Surdo experiments with a variety of mediums, atmospheres, and compositions, pushing the subject matter to convey the latent strength and movement within wild tree forms. He communicates a unique sensation of emotion. Each tree draws you in to linger with what it is communicating. Placed in conversation with each other, Surdo's forest of trees speaks volumes and invites us to understand.

(Top Left) Mystic Bond • (Top Right) Patterned Soul • (Bottom Left) Kinship • (Bottom Right) Moon Spirit Dancer

"In essence, I was trying to capture, what did the tree represent, was it despair, was it hopeful, was it introverted? Each tree seemed to have a personality.” - Bruno Surdo

Connected Spirits • 20" x 54"