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Wood, Fabric, Velvet United States H: 14.0" Dia: 37.0"
Northern Elmwood, Burl Northern China, China W: 31.0" D: 18.75" H: 12.5"
Burl Top Kang Table
Stone, Reclaimed Wood Jiangsu, China W: 53.0" D: 25.0" H: 13.0"
Paint, Wood Tibet W: 25.5" D: 12.25" H: 12.0"
Northern Elmwood, Lacquer China W: 112.25" D: 18.25" H: 34.0"
Walnut Mongolia W: 62.25" D: 18.0" H: 32.5"
Paint, Pine United States W: 74.75" D: 13.5" H: 18.5"
Blue Painted Farmhouse Bench
Northern Elmwood, Lacquer China W: 16.0" D: 12.0" H: 19.5"
Hardwood China H: 18.0" Dia: 17.0"
Pair of Hardwood Drum Stools
Michael Thompson

Dreams in Flight

Gracing the gallery now is Michael Thompson's latest body of work "Dreams In Flight." On view now from April 27 - May 31.

Featuring fine art kites, monoprint collages and the debut of his sculptural memory jugs, the exhibition is a bold exploration of mixed materials.

Northern Elmwood, Iron Northern China, China W: 51.0" D: 5.0" H: 100.0"
Limestone China H: 19.0" Dia: 14.5"
Rosewood China W: 22.0" D: 22.0" H: 30.5"

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