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Year of the Rat


Discounts up to 80% off

Saturday, January 25th  10-5pm

Sunday, January 26th  12-5pm

1740 W Webster Avenue Chicago

Ample parking in lot

Northern Elmwood Shaanxi, China W: 64.0" D: 14.75" H: 21.5"
Provincial Bench
Ceramic Northern China, China H: 29.25" Dia: 24.0"
Glazed Pickling Pot
Pine, Lacquer, Brass, Paint W: 38.0" D: 15.0" H: 21.75"
Pair of Low Painted Chests


All sales are final. Items cannot be returned for exchange, credit, or refunds. Holds on sale items will not be accepted. No additional discounts are offered.

Bronze H: 12.0" Dia: 24.0"
Ban Chiang Bronze Kettle
Northern Elmwood, Reed Shanxi, China W: 98.5" D: 53.0" H: 21.25"
Platform Daybed with Ruyi Feet
Ceramic Shanxi, China H: 27.5" Dia: 36.75"
Monumental Terracotta Vessel
Walnut Northern China, China W: 64.5" D: 19.5" H: 33.5"
Walnut Cloud Coffer
Cast Iron Northern China, China W: 10.0" D: 7.5" H: 12.0"
Cast Iron Tea Pot
Cast Iron Northern China, China W: 9.0" D: 7.5" H: 13.0"
Cast Iron Tea Pot
Cast Iron Northern China, China W: 8.5" D: 6.25" H: 10.0"
Cast Iron Tea Pot
Iron Shanxi, China H: 10.0" Dia: 18.0"
Cast Iron Urn
Ceramic Jiangsu, China H: 28.5" Dia: 24.0"
Glazed Magpie Pickling Jar

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